What does Lingvo-Consulting mean for you?

The question is addressed to the broader audience than just the linguists. How would you define Lingvo Consulting for yourself? For me it is what I started as a hobby, as a science, as a business and as my way of reflecting the World.

The idea came in 2008 when I was following my husband as a wife of a Decabrist from Moscow to Krasnoyarsk right after the graduation of Lomonosov Moscow State University, Institute of Asia and Africa Studies, Japanese Language and Oriental Studies faculty. While enjoying the heart of Siberia, great city and picturesque nature of Krasnoyarsk region and Khakasiya I finally made the decision of what I want to be and what I want to do. The product of the brainstorm ended up with the bilingual site http://lingvo-consult.ru and English version http://eng.lingvo-consult.ru

Mauritius 2009

I was about to start developing the site and pick up the direction both scientifically and business wise, when my other half challenged our family with another move. From -30 to +30 we were going to Mauritius island.
Just recently settled down (have no idea for how long) I finally had a chance to continue what I have started to do with my «baby». So, from the tropical island with the question to the World — what does Lingvo-Consulting mean for you?

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7 комментариев: What does Lingvo-Consulting mean for you?

  1. Denis Philippov говорит:

    Guys! The idea really deserves The nobel price! It’s a fantastic idea to declare aloud once and forever that: The essence of the world consists only in what we may, do and WANT to say this world to be. We think that the chance these guys give to the linguistic community must be caught in time and used qualitatively with all the mental powers we — the linguists surely posess for the sake of our kids who will profit from industrially polluted commercial language. Lets consult! Lets consult and find the bugs!

  2. Denis Philippov говорит:

    Tell me more! I have a brilliant idea!

  3. Denis Philippov говорит:

    I want to create some sort of internet collection of you would not believe of what!

  4. Eugene говорит:

    Hi guys!
    What does Lingvo-Consulting mean for you?

    Format correlation of intercultural and personal world perceptions. am I clear?

  5. Denis Philippov говорит:

    ok. Lets consider the phenomena closer. Lingvo consulting covers audio, video and graphical aspects what makes it almost universal in senses of sense transfer. But, as a fact, it lacks tactile, smell and taste aspects where it acts in a descrtiptive manner( as it usually always does).
    As little kids first we are touched, then we hear, and then we see. What actually UNDERSTAND AND CONSULT during our life has following determinants: 1. to survive phisically, furhter 2. to survive legally in senses of society life and then 3. to get rid of all those aquired perception dependences.
    CLEARINESS is what we are actually talking about here.
    In my opinion the necessity of a human being to form CLEAR notions is the vivid sign of his/her mature mind. Here we approach the dangerous edge: NOT TO FALL either into one ocean named SCIENCE or into another ocean named PHILISOPHY(i dont deminish scientific value of this ocean) and stay on the CLEAR EDGE!!! Please think of it….

  6. Liuba говорит:

    I think lingvo-consulting would be of great help to those who are now called communal interpreters; Those, who do not only have to render the meaning of words and utterences, but who have to settle intercultural conflicts, once those occur.
    The date received through research in this sphere would also be of great help in Intercultural Learning in general, because the way people percieve and conceptualize the world is immedieatly concerned with the way people are taught to speak :-)
    As for me, personally, I don’t see the clear boundaries if this topic so far. For me it is somewhere in between…
    Thank you anyway for the news! It’s always a pleasure to see people attempt to change something in this world :-)

  7. Olga Leshchenko говорит:

    психолог ! а что именно Вас заинтересовало?

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