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The notion of Lingvo-Consulting can be interpreted differently. The narrowest interpretation of the notion may be represented by any highly specialized, journalistic or other kind of text in any source-language translated into a target-language with the use of hundred-per-cent equivalents for all the terms and concepts of the target-language. At the same time the translator should take into consideration the slightest nuances of meaning being reproduced and semantic results of such reproduction in a target-language. There is a generally known fact that the translator having bigger experience in a certain branch of knowledge will generate higher quality semantic result in the target-language text of this particular field. It is understandable and clear because in this above-mentioned case the translator will be able to find the most suitable equivalents and manners of expression. Frankly speaking the way to the peak of perfection in translation process may be endless. In this connection the work of translator might be compared to the work of creator. From the other hand, the work of translator implies strict compliance and non-distortion of the source-text messages.

Lingvo-consulting in a broader sense of the word presupposes the complex translation process where several source-languages or several original texts are getting involved at once as well as any possible processing of information obtained as a result of translation. This work is not only an equivalent reproduction of the meaning from one language to another. This is a comprehensive semantic analysis regardless of the source-language or text subject matter. This task may be quite difficult for one separate translator especially when the specialist is supposed to handle the vast information volume. In this connection we are ready to construe the notion of Lingvo-Consulting from commercial point of view.  Lingvo-consulting is a combination of services intended to provide information and consultations on social, cultural, historical, linguistic realities within particular linguistic area. This meaning of Lingvo-Consulting implies quick and high quality intellectual processing of the information based on the use of empirical knowledge on any definite cultural and linguistic reality. The level of knowledge in this case will tend to the level of a native speaker operating in a certain activity field within his cultural and linguistic home area.

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  1. Denis Philippov говорит:

    Dear Tony and and Olga! We slowly approach the next year of our wonderful life. I would like to point out again and again the importance of lingvo consulting! Be healthy wealthy and wise in 2010!

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