Russian Kite-surf camp in Mauritius. April 30th — May 10th

RUSSIANS on the Island. From April 30th to May 10th, World Champion on Kite Board Peter Tyushkevich is leading the coaching team for the Kite Surf camp. It’s all about wind, waves and Russians flying over the Mauritius lagoon during the day and partying in the clubs at nights as only Russians can do…

Peter Tyushkevich KITE

Peter Tyushkevich - soon in Mauritius

Peter Tyushkevich - soon in Mauritius April 30th - May 10th

Peter Tyushkevich is the most professional and successful Russian kiteboarder in the world. He’s being on the world TOP TEN since 2005 and he took the first line in season 2009.

Many have dreamed to be in his place: endless trips to the most remote and exotic locations, kiteboarding and recognition all over.

For the first time Peter was born to kiters’ life on the final lap of the Cup of Russia at Black Sea Cup in 2003. And immediately he made a strong impression on the audience, judges, riders. After an unconditional victory in the first series, he moved away full pelt… to school.

Once in 2005 he became the champion of Russia in kiteboarding and winner of the national lap of Red Bull King of the Air, Peter would enter only international competitions.

С 30 апреля по 10 мая 2010 года на острове Маврикий пройдет кайт-лагерь Men’s Health Adventure под руководством чемпиона мира по кайтбордингу Петра Тюшкевича. Прославленный российский кайтер даст на острове серию мастер-классов.

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2 комментария: Russian Kite-surf camp in Mauritius. April 30th — May 10th

  1. Trump говорит:

    Does anyone known where those Russians are going to be based with this camp?

  2. Olga Leshchenko говорит:

    So, did anyone ever saw that Kite camp? I still have not heard anything about that.

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