Prison break in Mauritius!

Mauritius Prison Escape list. June 27th, 2010

Safety issue. Mauritius Prison Escape list. June 27th, 2010

I am very much worried with those shocking news. What are the safety measures to protect the civilians? Are there any news updates on this topic? Are the schools and university communities aware about this situation? What about the tourists and what are the plans of the internal defense and police to capture those who managed to escape? How could it happen at all and WHY?

As it is reported by NEWSNOW, a massive islandwide manhunt was taking place last night after 33 prisoners smashed their way out of Grand Riviere Northwest Prison.

The prisoners had overpowered about 15 guards around 6pm – seriously injuring two guards – before smashing a hole in the prison wall.

Three of the detainees were recaptured within hours of the breakout.

Police called out all available units last night, with the Helicopter Squadron and elite GIPM involved in the search.

The prisoners, some of whom are armed with iron bars, had earlier taken about 15 prison guards hostage and locked them up in cells after giving them a beating. It was then they smashed a hole in the prison wall and made their dash for freedom.

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