«Why women get caught in the gender trap» — good question with different views

Sabina Jacobs continues the series of Gender Survey results published earlier in July. This time the topic of her article is dedicated to the role of Mauritius women in the economy of the Island and the unfairness in distribution of representatives of women among politicians and business circles.

In general, women are more likely to be unemployed and are paid considerably less than male counterparts — this is not only in Mauritius unfortunately. There are facts in numbers which are catching attention but I would say that Mauritius in this respect is positioned in a decent level, at least from the number of Mauritius women who have access and successfully finish higher education. Other numbers can be taken for the better analysis:

  • Women make up too big a proportion of the unemployed; women only make up 35% of the workforce.
  • Employed woman average salary is Rs7,100 a month. This compares to the average male who earns, on average, Rs12,300 a month. That means males earn a whopping 73% more than women, on average.
  • 19% of female workers are professionals (though they still occupy only 25% of the very top jobs).

At the same time, other numbers show that the chances are more or less equal for the career path set up for Mauritius women. In 2009, 56% of those enrolled at university were female, compared to the 44% that were male. Yet men are more likely to be employed and dominate the top jobs. WHY?

It could be more of a social issue. Girls are sent to school because it’s the norm, but may be expected to stay at home after graduation.

I wonder what would be the results of the survey if there will be a choice to be happily married and stay at home when there is no need to contribute to the family budget, take care about the kids, yourself and the house or wake up every morning as a part of a Matrix?

I do not personally agree with a few conclusions Sabina made but this is probably because I never wanted to build a career or be a part of the Corporate machine. I am too much entrepreneurial and a true fan of a smart business and happy family where there is no democracy but there is a harmony…

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