Duty-free Mauritius is the target

Mauritius Minister of Tourism Nando Bodha promiss second Dubai concept of Duty free

Mauritius Minister of Tourism Nando Bodha

Can it really happen? I do not lose hope — never did never will but keep both feet on the ground. What should happen as a miracle between the religious holidays that we have from all the confessions leaving in piece here that this concept will finally work? My husband has roughly calculated how much Mauritius economy is missing from not being open to the consumer free shopping paradise — I do not even want to disclose but the number has numerous digits.

The government is determined to forge ahead with the duty-free island concept according to Minister of Tourism Nando Bodha.

His ministry wants usher in a series of measures to encourage shopping mall promoters to invest in Mauritius and bring with them international brands. “We will thus have a wider offering of products for the local population and for tourists,” he said as he opened the V.K Duty Free Shopping Mall in Port Louis yesterday.

Minister Bodha says he fully adheres to the vision of the government of transforming Mauritius into high-end shopping destination. One of the main obstacles to the duty-free island policy is the proliferation of counterfeit products across the island.

He believes that first they have to win the battle against piracy in order to ensure that tourists are getting original and good quality products.

He urged all parties concerned to work with each other so that the vision of a duty-free island becomes reality.

He believes Mauritius stands every chance of making it into the league of duty-free countries such as Dubai and Singapore, “which are names to reckon with when we talk of duty free shopping”.

The minister wants more shops and malls such as the V.K Mall to encourage potential investors and buyers alike. The official opening ceremony of the mall was also attended by the President of the Republic, Sir Anerood Jugnauth.

(from NEWSNOW)

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4 комментария: Duty-free Mauritius is the target

  1. Tony говорит:

    Dear Mr. Bodha, good luck and please make it happen soon!

  2. Uri говорит:

    I have heard that economical development of Mauritius means in increasing of interest of investors in a real estate from different countries. There is an Russian agency web page (http://http://promainvest.ru/object_page/5) that provides information about international consequences of that sector of economic on an Island. It provides:

    «Три года назад остров стал доступен для иностранных инвестиций – и теперь кусочек тропического рая — недвижимость на Маврикии можно приобрести в собственность.

    По данным журнала Conde Nast Traveller, Маврикий — один из лучших курортов в мире!!!

    Сахарные плантации Маврикия, которые еще недавно «несли» на себе экономику острова, сегодня уже не выдерживают международной конкуренции. Для привлечения иностранных инвестиций маврикийское правительство в 2005 г. пошло на ослабление законов о собственности, разрешив иностранцам покупку островной недвижимости. Именно так на свет появилась Программа интегрированных курортов (Integrated Resort Scheme, IRS), разработанная специально для привлечения иностранных инвесторов на остров.»

    What means that:

    Even the «paradise on earth» has its price. In Mauritius, it is growing every day.

    This mysterious island, surrounded by a coral reef for a long time has been a haven for newlyweds, lovers of cocktails with rum, VIP-persons … No wonder Mark Twain once said that the heavens were created in the image of Mauritius.

    Three years ago, the island became accessible to foreign investment — and now a piece of tropical paradise — Property in Mauritius can be purchased.

    Journal Conde Nast Traveller — Mauritania — one of the best resorts in the world!

    The sugar plantations of Mauritius, which has recently «suffered» for their island’s economy, no longer withstand international competition. To attract foreign investment Mauritian Government in 2005 went to the changing of the property laws allowing foreigners to buy island property. That’s how the light appeared Program integrated resorts (Integrated Resort Scheme, IRS), designed specifically to attract foreign investors to the island.

    • Olga Leshchenko говорит:

      Dear Uri!
      You are absolutely right and this is a good extract of one of the articles which started to promote Mauritius for foreign Investors from the late 2006. It is not only IRS but also RES that started to attract lot’s of investors including Russians. Если Вам интересно узнать больше Вы можете получить больше информации здесь. Так же можно обратиться ко мне через сайт нашей компании WE-CONSULT или напрямую по e-mail.

  3. Tony говорит:

    More good news from Mr. Bodha


    The ambitious Vanilla Islands project announced by the Minister of Tourism and Leisure Nando Bodha is starting to take shape.

    A meeting tomorrow in Flic en Flac organised by the Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority (MTPA) will be attended by tour operators from Mauritius, Réunion Island, Madagascar and Seychelles.

    “The existing structures in the four islands constitute a vast territory that has credibility and a real potential of attractiveness for tourists,” Director of the MTPA, Dr Karl Mootoosamy, told NEWSNOW.

    “The combination between the beach tourism product and the inland tourism product can do wonders. We can play on the specificities and the complementary features of the four islands and build the Vanilla Islands project with the Indian Ocean as a background.”

    He believes that by proposing authentic products of the Indian Ocean islands, the visibility of the islands in their respective tourism markets will increase considerably.

    Dr Mootoosamy insisted that this strategy will open up new segments of marketing like honeymoons, weddings, family group tours and senior citizens group tours. “The concept of Vanilla Islands will enable a better positioning of these islands on the international market. It will be our brand,” he said.

    The MTPA boss further explained that the interaction between the tour operators of the four islands tomorrow will be an opportunity to learn from each other so that the Indian Ocean product can be created.

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