Euro down, pound, dollar up against Mauritian rupee

Mauritius One Rupee

Mauritius One Rupee

Back to my question from the previous post: do you keep your savings in MUR, USD, EUR or GBP?

Port-Louis, Mauritius — Euro depreciated against the Mauritian rupee, while the British pound and the US dollar appreciated against the local currency, according to the latest exchange rates published here Tuesday by the Mauritian commercial bank. Euro was exchanged for 39.63 rupees against 39.86 the previous day, the pound for 46.23 rupees against 46.12 and the dollar for 29.26 against 29.21 rupees.

Following are the exchange rates:

Currency Buying Selling Australian dollar 27.85 29.94 Canadian dollar 28.32 30.32 Euro 39.63 42.13 Yen 34.33 37.20 Malagasy ariary 1.51 1.63 Malawi kwacha 0.19 0.20 Kenyan shilling 36.93 38.90 South African rand 4.12 4.45 Swiss franc 29.97 31.72 British pound 46.23 48.81 US dollar 29.26 31.20 Tanzanian shilling 1.94 2.10 Ugandan shilling 1.28 1.38 Zambian kwacha 0.60 0.65.

Port-Louis — Pana 05/10/2010

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