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Overview of Mauritius 2011 Budget. Improving Investment Climate

To further open up Mauritian economy to foreign talents, the threshold for professional has been revised from Rs 75, 000 to Rs 45, 000. Читать далее

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Explore Altay Russia: Hunting Tours and Fishing tours, Kayaking, Rafting

WE-CONSULT offer Mauritian and other hunters form the African Region to have a middlemen free, direct contact to the company in Gornii Altay who organize hunting in those areas of Altay where the biggest Maral trophies of recent years were taken in Russia. The hunting is organized according to all the laws and regulation. The list of the animals to hunt includes Siberian stag (Maral), Siberian goat, Siberian roe, Wolf, Wood grouse, Bear (including hunting option for Bear in a den), mountain goats. Читать далее

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Жизнь на Маврикий дорожает…

Как отмечает агенство Reuters, Маврикийский среднегодовой показатель уровня инфляции MUCPIY=ECI продолжил рост четвертый месяц подряд и составил в октаябре 2.3 процента, в сравнении с 2.0 процентами месяцом ранее, что было отмечено в отчете за вторник, 09/10/10

Уровень потребительских цен увеличился на 0.2 процента по сравнению с сентябрем, в основном за счет увеличения на 1.9 процента цен на обувь, 1.4 процента транспортых расходов, и на 0.2 процента увеличения цен на продукты питания и безалкогольные напитки. Читать далее

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Business Law Review out in January

“The making of the third edition of the Mauritius Business Law Review is well under way and will contain a number of interesting articles on some new topics. “The response to the first and second editions has been very good and we are filling a gap in the sense that we are educating businessmen in law and educating lawyers in business. It is two-way traffic,” said Mr Hein. Читать далее

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Euro up, pound down, dollar stable in Mauritius 3 november

Port-Louis, Mauritius — The euro rose as the pound sterling fell but the United States dollar remained stable against the Mauritian rupee, according to the Commercial Bank of Mauritius which on Wednesday morning published the exchange rates of the rupee to the main foreign currencies. Читать далее

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