Explore Altay Russia: Hunting Tours and Fishing tours, Kayaking, Rafting

hunting in Siberia, RUSSIA

Altay Mountains, South West Siberia, RUSSIA

The Altay is known to many in Russia as the «Pearl of Siberia.» It is geographically, culturally and biologically very diverse — a literal crossroads throughout the millennia.

Being located in the meeting point of Central Asian and Siberian landscapes, this territory accumulates many ecologic-geographical nuances, which make the nature of this mountain region unique and inimitable in its beauty. The variety of the landscapes is the main reason for inclusion this territory in the World Heritage List of UNESCO.

WE-CONSULT offer Mauritian and other hunters form the African Region to have a middlemen free, direct contact to the company in Gornii Altay who organize hunting in those areas of Altay where the biggest Maral trophies of recent years were taken in Russia. The hunting is organized according to all the laws and regulation. The list of the animals to hunt includes Siberian stag (Maral), Siberian goat, Siberian roe, Wolf, Wood grouse, Bear (including hunting option for Bear in a den), mountain goats.

Other activities linked to hunting and nature, like fishing, horse riding, and rafting can be added to basic services, so you can enjoy even more your time there. The hunting trip can be tailored as you want.

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