Henry — the King of Fishing in Trou aux Biches

Fishing with Henry in the North of Mauritius

Fishing with Henry in the North of Mauritius

This article is for the expatriats who love fishing but do not have their own boat yet and for the tourists who are fond of fishing and who plan to come to Mauritius.

One of my biggest hobbies is fishing. Since the first days we moved to Mauritius I started to explore the waters with my road. You can see many locals with small fishing roads doing the fishing along the shores in the public beaches of Trou aux Biches, along the costal road etc. There are few ones who fish from kayaks and than there are those who do fishing for living. Among the expatriates who love fishing, there are three options as well — fish from the shore, buy a fishing kayak and fish mainly inside the lagoon (when the waters allow go outside not far) or buy a boat.

I am the one who are at the stage when I have my kayak that I am using extensively when time allows for both fishing and paddling, but do not have a boat. Kayak allows you to explore lagoon and places outside the lagoon but not far. It’s  a great tool but limits you to many extends. For those who like deep sea fishing — either you have a friend with the boat, or you explore other options which are often limited to paying a fortune to the tourst agancies who send you for the USD/EURO prices for a fishing trip with other tourists.

Fishing with Henry. North of Mauritius

Henry (left) - first catch of the day - smile!

I was lucky almost from the very beginning as I was introduced to Henry and as two fishermen we spoke the same language. Henry told me that he has a boat and fishing, or actually providing the fishing service to tourists, is what he is doing for living.

Last year I had my friend visiting us from Russia. He likes fishing a lot and we started looking for the options as a year before we paid a fortune for three of us to go out fishing through the agency. I remembered about Henry and gave him a call. The deal was MUCH better than the prices with the agencies. There were three of us — two adults and one child of 12 year old. Henry mentioned that the boat is most convenient for three fishermen at a time on top of himself and his assistent but it can fit four adults.

We agreed on time, were picked up from the jetty on the corner of Trou aux Biches and Mont Choisy, exactly the time agreed and had one of the best fishing in our life. Henry knows everything about the Northern part of the Island waters. It was an interesting story about the development of the area, changes which happened for good and worth, stories of his previous fishing trips but the most important — we were catching fish! Bonitos, yellow tuna and at the end we got two doradas! What a lovely fight and beutiful fish! Henry is making his own magic bates which force dorada to bite even when noone is catching around.

Fishing in Mauritius North with Henry

Fishing in Mauritius: Dima fights with dorada

The equipment and roads are in a perfect condition and it takes seconds to adjust the bates to the right fish. Another important aspect that I like — Henry catch as much as one trip can bring satisfaction to the people he is taken with him but at the same time it is not excessive.

There is no waste — you can get your bonito and/or tuna for free with you after fishing and doradas will be sold by Henry to the restaurants (you can also buy it out from Henry and it will be times cheaper if you buy in the market).

Fishing with Henry, Trou aux Biches, Mauritius

Fishing with Henry, Trou aux Biches, Mauritius

Yesterday, we had another lovely trip. Split the expenses for three of us. The weather was great and one dorada fight was a spectacular scenery — it was the first dorada a friend of mine caught in his life and he got addicted to this feeling :)

«Time spent during the fishing is not counted to the overall time you live» (famouse quote from Russian fishermen)

Fishing with Henry, Toru aux Biches, MAURITIUS

Issam with his trophy, Trou aux Biches, MAURITIUS

I am happy to share Henry’s contact details for others who like fishing and would like to have a deep sea fishing experience in a company of a person who knows everything about it, has all you need on his lovely boat, who is full of competence in many aspects related to sea life, fishing and other, and who’s values are high.

Henry’s tel: (+230) 491-63-41 e-mail: miyuky47@yahoo.fr

Article is prepared by Tony 05.12.10

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    Spectacular! As one famous fisherman, i know, would cry out at most important moments of life!

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    …believe in unbelievable and expect unexpectable when you do fishing with Henry!!!

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    jejejejeje!!!! Женька не поверишь, но я бы с большим удовольствием сгонял в Красноярск и выехал бы на зимнюю рыбалку… Бур то мой жив еще? ;)

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