Miss Russia 2011

Miss Russia - 2011

Miss Russia - 2011 is getting the crown from Miss Russia 2010

Natalya Kantemurova from Moscow won the title «Miss Russia — 2011″. First vice-Miss title (second place) was given to Anastasya Mashukova from Krasnoyarsk and a third place winner became Yana Dubnik from Novosibirsk.

Miss Russia 2011 received a grant of $100000 USD for getting education in any chosen University in the World. Both Vice Misses also received monetary rewards and ability to study in any University in Russia. In the nomination «The voice of People» the reward was given to Ksenia Lytneva from Sochi, she has received 100000 RUR (around $3300 USD).

Yana Dubnik (Novosibirsk) - 2nd vice-Miss Russia 2011

Yana Dubnik - 2nd vice-Miss Russia 2011

The duty of the winner of competition within all year will be participation in charitable, social and cultural projects of a humanitarian nature, promotion of a healthy and successful way of life, formation healthy moral and ethical principles at youth, the positive attitude to a life, willingness to continue education.

Preparation for competition took the whole month. Every day finalists trained for six hours and participated in intermediate selection rounds.

In November and December, 2010 passed selection competitions in 86 regions of Russia. Any lady from 17 till 23 years could participate. Criteria: height from 175 centimeters, being Russian citizenship, absence of bad habits.


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