About this Blog


Dear Readers,

This blog is created to a broad audience of internet users.

It might be particular interesting for those who:

  • have interest in anything that is connected to foreign culture and language;
  • work and interact in foreign culture and like to share your experience and download from others;
  • are linguistically sharp and enjoy analyzing the foreign realities or realities of a different language;
  • …LIKE ISLANDS and Mauritius in particular!!! — had to add this one as this is part of my life at the moment and not sharing this with others is impossible

This blog is both professional and personal and relates to:

  1. Lingvo Consulting — I dared to start developing this as a separate unique service that combines several which are currently offered on the market but fragmented. I am inviting professionals for the broader and deeper discussions on this topic — who knows — this might be a separate scientific approach in modern Linguistics ;)
  2. East and West - two different Worlds. Here we will be mostly talking about Japan, what is happening in that part of the world and how it is different from the rest of the World
  3. Islands and Mauritius Island in particular — it says itself. Those who live on the islands, locals and expats — jump in and tell your stories, tell the news, make the comments!!!

Trou aux Biches

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