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TransAero is about to launch direct flight between Russia and Mauritius

Beginning from January 3, 2011 Russian air carrier TransAero will start Moscow-Mauritius-Moscow scheduled flights according to the latest Tourinfo agency report. Читать далее

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Duty-free Mauritius is the target

The government is determined to forge ahead with the duty-free island concept according to Minister of Tourism Nando Bodha.

His ministry wants usher in a series of measures to encourage shoppingmall promoters to invest in Mauritius and bring with them international brands. “We will thus have a wider offering of products for the local population and for tourists,” he said as he opened the V.K Duty Free Shopping Mall in Port Louis yesterday.

Minister Bodha says he fully adheres to the vision of the government of transforming Mauritius into high-end shopping destination. One of the main obstacles to the duty-free island policy is the proliferation of counterfeit products across the island.

Can it really happen? I do not loose hope — never did never will but keep both feet on the ground. What should happen as a mirracle betwenn the religious holidays that we have from all the confessions leaving in piece here that this concept will finally work? My husband has raughly calculated how much the economy is missing from not being open to the consumer gree shopping paradise — I do not even want to discluse but the number has numerous digits.
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